CN 2017 Illustrator & Photoshop CC

Big projects in the works. Too big. Good idea to mix it up with smaller projects. Keeps things interesting and is refreshing. I have a beard but if I had long hair I would wear it this way too



000012 Zap

2015. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

A spot illustration based on an image I discovered during a drunken sordid internet voyage. I enjoy the juxtaposition of Rosie the Riveter and the “shocking” hand gesture. Great fun to illustrate!



2015 Adobe Photoshop

A photocollage focusing on vegetation and mushrooms. Found a great collection of images and used them along with some personal photography from around Georgian Bay in southern Ontario Canada. Merging the model with various fungal flora was a great amount of fun. Then I needed something to fill in the background. The obvious solution was to push the surreal and collage dozens of new images

The Clock and Skeptic


2015 Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Had a lot of fun making this one. I like the juxtaposition of the skeptic as a divine being despite it being decidedly non-theist in philosophy. But s/he cradles the world represented by the castle, and assists in the governance of the realm by the laws of time (the clock imagery) and the movement of the stars (Mars)

I didnt approach this with that specific idea in mind but thats what I can extrapolate from what it has resulted in.


00008 Jack

2015. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

A combination of illustration and photoshop editing and construction of images. Very difficult to make them meld together but the more I examine it the more I feel it was a success. Either way it opens the door to more sophisticated images later on. This was a lot of fun to play around with from sketch to stern


Dedicated to JH