Lunar Shot

cn 2018

Reach for the stars <3


Maiden & Knight


CN 2018

Wedding piece for the union of Ellis & Belzak back in early Feb. Framed and given as a gift

Home2: Bliss

CN 2017

Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, Animate CC & After Effects CC

Experimental short using motion tweening and nested symbols in animate with lots of sounds and effects brought in with after effects to build a ‘found vhs’ of the final sail of the SS Bliss.


SS Bliss (Inspired by the Brave Little Toaster)


Fading Sigil (Made using the word Bliss, highly stylized)

_Pop: A Lost Pinky Tale

CN2017 Animate CC, AfterEffects CC, Illustrator CC & Photoshop CC

Short animation using flash, after effects and adobe illustrator with just a pinch of photoshop

Music: Pat und Patachon Eric Frantzen Chor Orchester Bulimie Song – Instrumental