Maiden & Knight


CN 2018

Wedding piece for the union of Ellis & Belzak back in early Feb. Framed and given as a gift



Test animation using multiple tween functions & experimenting with masking.

Armature for the arm, motion tweening for the flora, exhale and the drip of the oil, shape tween for the smoke off the cigarette a zoom in from the camera layer.

Also used vector brushes in illustrator for complex and thick bushes and leaves saving countless hours

Dont smoke. Unless you dont have lungs

CN 2017. Adobe Illustrator cc & Animate cc

DaveTheZombie & Animate CC


After Finishing after effects I moved on to Peachpit & Learn ACAEP’s textbooks on Animate CC. Part of the lessons include digital armature creation and animation. The fruits of my labors have lead to this: Dave the Zombie.

Coming from After effects it is a strange and at times frustrating endeavor to figure out the nuances and processes associated with animate CC but its becoming a favorite of mine. Especially when it comes to interactivity and integration with other programs. Making my own applications and games seemed like a distance wish until I learned that it could be possible and accessible through animate.

Dave was created in Illustrator CC, imported and animated in Animate CC

CN2017 Illustrator CC & Adobe Animate CC


CN 2017. Best viewed looped. An exercise in bringing to life a simple puppet show.

Higher quality still preview image below:


Using the timeline/animation functions in photoshop CC17 a lot lately