8 Bird


As a challenge this previous weekend and as a personal development course I followed Christopher Calebs [@chriscaleb] Adobe tutorial on how to recreate dotGEARS flappy bird IoS application in html5 using adobe animate.

While I could have just followed the instructions and coding to the letter I wanted to actually really challenge myself and began by modifying the assets, in illustrator, and using those components over the prepackaged ones that were downloadable. I used those items as a guide when I got stuck but thats about all.

Further I tweaked the gravity settings a little and made the tree element of the background move independant of the ground layer.

The next challenge was to get it online so you could check it out. WordPress is very finickey when it comes to embedded flash content so please head to icth.io below to check it out!


CN 2017 Illustratorcc, Photoshopcc, Animatecc